What To Do At Home During Lockdown

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As you guys know about our country is under lockdown for 21 days. People are getting bored at this time because of Lockdown. Everyone wants to enjoy the time but due to lockdown in our country no one can go out of their home. So in this blog I will tell you some work that you can do at your home and enjoy the day.

There are many works to do at home which are given below :

  •  You can play games.
  •  If you know drawing then you can draw any portrait.
  •  Learn new things on YouTube.
  •  Spend time with your family.
  •  Call your relatives.

Play Online Games :

Online games are the best way to enjoy your whole day during the time of lockdown. I am going to tell some online multiplayer game where you can enjoy with your friends at home. PUBG Mobile is the most trending game past 2 years. This game is very interesting and adventurous. In this game you can play with your friends in a squad, duo and if you want to play alone then you can play solo mode. There are  four maps in this game  which are given below:

  1.   Erangel.
  2.  Miramar.
  3.   Sanhok.
  4.  Vikendi.

There are some other games that you can also play like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Candy Crush, free fire, etc.

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You Can Watch Netflix Movies:

If you are bored than you can watch NetFlix movies and shows.There is a 1-month free trial in which you can download all the shows during the process of the lockdown.

This is the link of a telegram channel where you can watch all netfilx movies in free.

Link:- Click Here.

Spend Time With Your Family:

In today’s life everyone is busy in there work. Noone is giving time to their family. But at this time we have a great opportunity to do this because of the process of lockdown. At this time no one can go out of the home so stay with your family and interact with them. They feel good when you spend time with them.

Call Your Relatives:

If you are feeling bored at home, I have an idea for you. You can enjoy by doing this . Pick up your phone and call your relatives and enjoy it. Call at least 10 times to irritate them and enjoy it because these are those relatives who wants to know the marks of your exams. So, enjoy every moment of your life.

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