How To Impress Girls On Social Media

how to impress girls in just 5 mins

If you want to impress girls in that way that makes her more attracted to you than you are in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to share some of my personal ideas of mine. So stay connected to the article. The first thing that matters the most is that the first impression. When you approach a girl than you have to talk very politely.

Be Self-Deciplained:

A person who shows discipline is very Impressive.

Don’t misbehave with anyone this is the reason what girls hate most. Always be on time when she asks to meet .Don’t tell lies or other inappropriate words.

How to impress girls on social media

Stand Up For Yourself:

Don’t agree with everything that she says. If you agree with everything that she says than you appear weak like her other friends. She can’t feel your solidity. She can’t feel the man inside you. She can’t feel the unshakable and unmovable male she’s looking for. Unfortunately, too many guys think they should agree with girls on everything.So always take a stand for you if you to impress girls.

As a result, they are getting bored & interest is talking is also over.

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Don’t Talk About Yourself:

When both of you are talking than never talk about yourself. Never prove yourself that you are a good person or a humble person. if you do that than this is biggest mistake in impressing girls. Always talk about herself and the moments that you have to spend with her. Don’t talk about boring things that she will get bored.

how to impress a girl in just 5 mins

There are some tips below if you want to impress a girl then follow them :

  • Be honest by expressing your desires.
  • Give her gifts.
  • Stay calm and relaxed when she is yelling at you.
  • Doing her favors without expecting anything in return.
  • Ignore Other Girls.
  • Try to make a good body.
  • Be ambitious.


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