How To Get Free Skins In PUBG Mobile

pubg free skins

Everyone wants to show off of their skins and dresses In PUBG Mobile. But this is very hard to get these skins because PUBG Mobile is “Chutiya“.If you guys want to get Free skins in PUBG Mobile than stay on this blog.

Use VPN While Opening Creates:

When you open creates normally than you’ll get the only silver fragment. But I have a trick that will help you to get legendry items in PUBG Mobile.

Follow these steps to get legendary items :

  • First of all download a VPN that can connect you to Russia, Taiwan and other countries.
  • Connect to Taiwan before opening the creates.
  • Open creates after connecting a VPN .
  • Here are the results.
M16A4 Skin , free pubg skins

So try this method first.

Play Crew Challenges And Won Free PUBG Mobile Skins :

This is the best way to get free skins in PUBG Mobile. You have registered in the crew challenges and play matches. This tournament is for everyone who plays PUBG. Anyone can register and there is no entry fees for this tournament. A total of 5 matches are played in a day. Timing is also different from these matches. The schedule for these matches is in the morning and evening . It depends on your choice when you want to play.

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Points :

  • Enter the room at the right time.
  • There is 5 player required to play a crew challenge.
  • One player is required for a substitute.
  • Game points depend on your kills and ranking.
  • Earn points by winning the matches.
free fun skins pubg mobiles

There are 3 gun skins available in the crew challenge shop. Which are :

  1. M416
  2. Scar-L
  3. SKS

These skins are very attractive and you can show off with your gun skins.

Redeem Gun Skins :

Redeem gun skins with the help of silver fragments.COllects silver fragments as you can then redeem your favorite gun skin in the shop.

free gun skins pubg

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