Future Of Gaming ?

Future of gaming

At the end of 2019 we saw a very big boost in our gaming community.  Show that gamers are confused about their future. Everyone wants to know that is there is any future in gaming that we can choose it as a career. So the answer is yes.

 India is a developing country where the gaming community is also developing. Students are interested in this field but the problem is they are leaving their study. At the starting of this field you have to work part-time on gaming. If you see a boost  then you should switch it as a full-time gamer. There are many gaming  YouTubers who play games and earn respect and money also. 

Indian Gamers:

 Dynamo gaming is also a gamer who started giving in 2012. In starting he play games as part-time but when he realizes that there is a boost in this field then he is switched to a full-time Gamer. Gaming is a trend in India right now everyone wants to be a gamer but they don’t know the real hard work behind this field.

dyanmo gaming , axisblog.com

  Players in India are also very talented. I am giving you some examples of pubg mobile players. In the whole world, there are many gaming organizations, they hire good players for their team to represent the whole country from their side.

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Two Main Organisations:

As you guys know about the organization’s FNC (Fnatic) & TSM (Team SoloMid). These organizations are not from India they are foreign organizations that came to India to hire some good players.  I am giving you the whole details of these two teams which are given below :

Fnatic :

There are a total of 10 teams of Fnatic organization. Which are given below:

  •  League of Legends.
  • League of Legends UK.
  • CS-GO.
  • Dota -2.
  • Rainbow Six.
  • Fortnite.
  • FIFA.
  • Apex Legends EU.
  • Apex Legends NA.
  • PUBG Mobile.
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On 6 March 2020 TSM partnership with Entity and form TsmEntity.So , Yes there is a future in gaming.

Player of TsmEntity:

GHATAK Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare Support 2020-03-06
Neyooooo Suraj Nityanand Majumdar Assaulter 2020-03-06
JONATHAN Jonathan Jude Amaral Assaulter 2020-03-06
ZGOD Abhishek Choudhary Support 2020-03-06
ClutchGod Vivek Aabhas Horo IGL 2020-03-06

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