CoronaVirus Latest Updates – 75 Districts Lockdown


India – the world’s second most populated country has 415 cases of coronavirus including seven deaths . to decrease the amount of coronavirus cases our government decided that To lockdown major cities of India.

There are 75 district across the country are under lock down .

This is the list of major cities which are placed under movement restrictions until 31st March:

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata.

The list of 75 districts which is under lockdown is given below:


Hello guys , as all of you know about this disease which is spreading rapidly in the whole world.I’ll Provide all details of coronavirus in India.

As You guys know that our India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population. The origin of this coronavirus is Yuhuan city in China. the first case of coronavirus found on December 2019 in China . According to the report of W H O World Health Organisation there are more than 343000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the whole world . Which contains 190 countries and territories. Due to Corona more than 14700 died and over 99000 peoples are recovered.This virus spread from one person to another.

Symptoms Of COVID-19 :

Symptoms of coronavirus is Flu-Like such as fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle pain , chest pain, sudden confusion, difficulty in walking etc.

Cause Of COVID-19 :

The mode of transmission of this virus is from one person to another person. when someone sneezes or cough then at that time the water droplets which out from the mouth contains this virus if the person is infected . in a study the doctors found that if a person sneeze or cough at any surface than the virus remains at the surface at least three hours. the living period of this virus on plastic and stainless steel is 3 days, 1 day on cardboard and 4 hours on copper.

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